Floating Floor
Waverley Floorworld offers a wide range of timber flooring in a variety of traditional styles and species mixed with new and innovative concepts.

Timber Flooring

Floorworld has an extensive range of pre-finished timber floors from Readyflor, Embelton Flooring and Floorworld’s exclusive Timbernate range.

The quality of construction and coatings in timber flooring products provides a stable, durable and versatile timber floor which can bring an effortless sense of style and simplicity to any décor.

The locking system on engineered timber flooring means that the product can be laid over existing flooring materials such as concrete or compressed fibre board installation either by your local Floorworld store or as a DIY project. The sandwich construction is the most popular method and is considered the most stable.

Floorworld’s engineered timber flooring range – the world of nature to your feet.

Bamboo Flooring

Floorworld stores provide an extensive range of pre-finished bamboo floors from Clever Choice and Embelton Flooring. Using renewable resource of bamboo and special manufacturing processes and coatings, bamboo has now become a preferred option in hard flooring. It also provides strength, stability and durability, which can bring a natural sense of style and simplicity to any décor.

Bamboo timber flooring uses a non-toxic glue, leaving your floors completely allergy free. All Floorworld stores have a wide range of bamboo flooring on display in their showrooms allowing you to select a bamboo product that best suits your needs.
Laminate and Fusion Flooring

Laminate flooring and new printed fushion technology not only looks like real timber but is also stylish and hard wearing.

Laminate flooring is high wear, scratch and stain resistant making it an attractive choice for both domestic and commercial applications.

Floorworld stores carry Premium Floors Quickstep and Titan ranges, the eco-TUF range through Embelton Flooring and Floorworld’s exclusive Super Click Elite range.

Laminate flooring brings practicality and style to any application. We offer products with a diversity of colours and designs and tile effects, qualities and price points. There’s a laminate floor to suit everyone.

Cork Flooring

Cork is a sustainable raw material that offers excellent acoustical performance as flooring. The natural characteristics of cork make cork floors an excellent choice.

Floorworld stores have a range of pre-finished, easy to install and eco friendly cork flooring to suit any residential or light commercial application. Through Premium Floors and Embelton Flooring, cork flooring is now available in new and innovative designs.

A renewable resource manufactured by using the by product of the cork oak tree, cork flooring has had a resurgence in demand over recent times.