Floorworld offers a range of traditional carpet styles and colours mixed with new and innovative concepts. Our ranges suit contemporary or traditional style homes and commercial applications. With a wide range of styles and designs and the variety of fibres used in carpet manufacturing, each carpet delivers a different look, feel and varying lustre to suit the needs of today’s customers. Different carpet fibres also offer different characteristics – such as performance, durability, resistance to staining, feel and cost.
The Benefits of Carpet

Carpet that is hard wearing can withstand heavy foot traffic and retain its appearance longer.

Carpet can provide year-round comfort and softness, increasing your enjoyment at home. It’s also pleasant for little feet and knees crawling around the room.

Loop pile gives a textured finish; cut pile offers a smooth even finish. Or you can choose a combination of both for a finish that really makes a statement. With carpet, there are no restrictions to the finish you can create.

Unlike other floor coverings that have limited scope for colour, carpet uses both natural and synthetic fibres, which means there is a potential palette of endless colours to choose from.

A soft carpet not only increases comfort around the home, it can reduce the risk of injuries that arise from slipping or falling. As carpet pile also absorbs pressure, the stress level on the body is also reduced.

With proper maintenance a carpet is easy to clean and will resist dirt and stains (no matter how busy or messy life gets). Carpet also acts as a natural insulator, creating a quiet relaxing environment.

Carpet Yarn Types
Wool Carpet
Being a natural fibre, wool has excellent recovery from stress under the influence of moisture so that wet cleaning revives the pile as well as removing soil. When used correctly in dense pile construction, wool carpets offer long term durability, appearance retention and the ability to maintain subtle beauty and appearance over time. Carpets made from wool can feel cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Wool carpets have innate stain resistance properties, allowing spills to be cleaned more easily. It is also flame retardant and acts as an insulator, helping to reduce ambient noise.
Solution Dyed Nylon
Solution dyed carpet is where the actual colour is added to the molten nylon polymer before the yarn is made offering excellent colour retention, resistance to fading and excellent cleaning properties, as stronger cleaning chemicals can be used in most cases without stripping the colour from the outside of the fibre.
Nylon Carpets
Nylon is the leading fibre used in carpet production around the world. Nylon carpets are outstanding in their ability to resist abrasive wear, loss of pile fibre due to foot traffic and resilience in recovering from pile crushing. Special treatments can be applied to minimise soiling and to maximise colour clarity also improving the cleanabilty of the carpet. One of the outstanding advantages of our nylon carpets is the huge selection of colours which are available with this fibre.
Polypropylene fibres have many similar properties and benefits as nylon fibres. Polypropylene yarn has excellent colourfastness properties with the incidence of sunlight and ozone fading greatly reduced, and also contains anti-static properties. Carpets manufactured using polypropylene yarn provide value for the budget conscious.
Polyester is another synthetic fibre. Polyester offers excellent stain & fade resistance as well as performance and value for money. Polyester fibre is often made from recycled materials making it more environmentally friendly.