1. Save money without creating a cheap disaster
Waverley Floorworld Buyers Guide - Save Money
Saving without skimping

Shopping for floor coverings, curtains or blinds can require significant financial investment.

If the results turn out the way you intend it to, it can be all completely worth it.

Your room or house can look stunningly beautiful resulting in an increase in the value of your property.

While it is natural and good practice for us to look for the best value we can get, penny pinching over the wrong things can backfire and leave you with a stressful disaster.

A smart buyer needs to understand how they can achieve maximum value without ruining the vision they set out to achieve.
2. How to get maximum value for your dollar
Waverley Floorworld Buyers Guide - Maximum Value
Think it, match it, find it.

When selecting floor or window covering, most people have a rough idea of what they are after; a certain theme, color scheme, look or feel.

What is important when making your selection is to ensure that the product(s) you choose are ideally suited to the space and purpose it's intended to fulfil.

Likewise having the perfect blend of colours and textures to suit the existing elements in your room or home can make the difference between beautiful showroom-like results and a cheap amateurish revamp.

In order to get the best value for money choosing the correct grade and type of product will ensure that it will be able to serve its purpose well without needing to pay more than required.
3. Sales mumbo jumbo or good advice?
Waverley Floorworld Buyers Guide - Right Advice
Don't be fooled by false bargains.

In order to get the desired results, receiving the right assistance and advice can be vital.

It is important to consult qualified experts with a genuine desire to help you meet your needs.

One needs to watch out for those who try to sell you below-average products (with aritifically inflated prices) at a seemingly large discount without regard for what you actually need.

A good way to differentiate between good advice and a sales pitch is to ask for more detailed explanations on the recommendation and gauge the response.

If all you get is technical jargon you cannot comprehend, it is possible that the sales person is trying to make it difficult for you to make an informed choice.

A good consultant will try to identify your needs and explain in detail how and why a particular product or item will fulfil them in a way that you can understand.

Consulting highly quaified and experienced Interior Consultants is always preferable when seeking the best possible expert advice.
4. The one thing that can make or break your whole purchase
Waverley Floorworld Buyers Guide - Installation - The vital detail
A vital but often overlooked detail

Another detail with a big impact on the end product is the quality of workmanship on the installation.

Poor or average installation jobs cheapen the look of the room and results in shortening the lifespan of the product.

If this happens, any monetary savings achieved using cheap installers will be offset by the disappointment of having poor sub-standard looking floor or window covering that may need to be replaced pre-maturely.

It would therefore be advisable when shopping to ask who the installer will be and how many years of experience they have.

The excellent results you can achieve by using a highly qualified installer will be well worth it in the end.
5. It all comes down to this
Waverley Floorworld Buyers Guide - Summary
The key points

1. Take the time to select wisely ensuring that your purchase is well suited to the purpose and matched to bring out the very best in your room or house.

2. Consult qualified experts like Interior Designers to ensure you get the very best advice.

Watch out for sales people more interested in pushing a product (by heavily discounting products that are crazily overpriced in the first place) than meeting your needs.

3. A quality installation is very important so be sure that you purchase from those who use experienced and reputed installers.