Waverley Floorworld also offers an excellent range of blinds from a variety of suppliers in order to match and complement your floor covering.

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Orion Blinds logo

Orion Blinds make high quality window furnishings with great attention to detail and an eye for perfection.

Our wide range of products allow you to select from a number of different blinds for your home that are made to the highest standards; all created from the finest fabrics from around the world.

Waverley Floorworld is proud to partner with Orion Blinds to provide you with blinds of fantastic quality.

All customers are fully supported by a talented team of specialists so you can have confidence in our amazing products.

Other Blind Suppliers
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National Blind Suppliers

With over 30 years of experience, National Blind Suppliers is recognised for providing the highest quality window furnishings and service support available.

With a dynamic in-house design and manufacturing team to assist you with all of your design, stock, fitting and fabrication requirements; whether it’s for a domestic or commercial application, National Blind Suppliers has a variety of smart and innovative solutions for all jobs, great or small.

Utilising only the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques results in a superior level of design, style and innovation that applies to our entire product range. National Blind Suppliers is committed to excellence and has a collective experience and knowledge that sets them apart in the industry.